About us

An introduction WAVES Pools & Landscaping
WAVES Pools & Landscaping (L.L.C.) is a well estibalashed company based in Dubai & is engaged in making positive contributions to the development of country by design enduring Swimming Pools, Water Features, Fountain & Landscaping that create memorable expressions through creativity, aesthetic & functionality.

We established our company on a simple and direct philosophy: To design uncommonly exceptional poolscapes... and build these designs with uncommonly exceptional craftsmanship.

WAVES Pools & Landscaping (L.L.C.) is a performance oriented Swimming Pool & Landscaping company driven by the desire to set new standards of excellence in the in the following areas:
● CUSTOMER SERVICE                               ● FUNCTIONALITY                               ● AESTHETIC DESIGN                               ● BUSINESS ETHICS

We give all clients the personalized attention that every project requires. WAVES Pools & Landscaping (L.L.C.) Company looks forward to working with you to the completion of your project. Satisfaction of creating art through our work & for the long-standing relationship with our client.

While setting high standards,WAVES Pools & Landscaping (L.L.C.) will create pleasant and challenging employment opportunities, providing the best possible product and service for our customers.

It would be an honor to design, create and build your dream.

Quality, integrity and honesty set WAVES Pools & Landscaping (L.L.C.) company apart from other commercial builders.
Our Philosophy
Have you been seeking a dependable, full service company capable of cutting edge design, state of the art construction techniques, and affordable support of the pool, spa, or water feature after & Landscaping the sale? Stop the search!

WAVES Pools & Landscaping L.L.C. takes enormous pride in having assembled the most highly qualified and educated team of Licensed Pool Engineers, Landscape Architects, Waterscape Designers and Technicians. This body of knowledge and skill is available to assist our clients in attaining their dreams of an affordable poolscapes, landscape or waterscape environment. We provide our clients the scalability of design only, design-build or construction management services.

WAVES Pools & Landscaping L.L.C. is the choice for people seeking a company capable of bringing their dreams to life and carrying that relationship into the future through exemplary construction, service, and support.
What we do…
Swimming Pool Design & Installation Services

We at WAVES Pools & Landscaping L.L.C. are swimming pool design & installation professionals before anything else. We design, construct and commission swimming pools, spas, steam rooms, saunas, showers and change rooms in wet leisure facilities. That said, we are happy to assist main contractors and developers.

in doing as much work as they can, leaving only the specialized bits to us and saving money in the process. We will always give you an unbiased advice and will find out the most suitable solution to your needs.

We also provide swimming pool design consultancy and project management services to architects, builders and property developers for the various processes involved in construction of a new pool water features & landscaping.

WAVES Pools & Landscaping L.L.C. have the attitude, education, training, experience and vision to help you make your aspiration come true by developing a swimming pool design that maximizes your returns on the money spent and simplifies the entire swimming pool construction process.

Our range of services includes, but is not limited to:
●  Swimming pool design services
●  Luxury outdoor swimming pools
●  Olympic & Commercial pools
●  Indoor swimming pool dehumidification
●  Heat recovery and ventilation systems
●  Automatic pool cleaning systems
●  Modern pool filtration systems
●  Movable swimming pool floors
●  Automatic heat saving pool covers
●  Old swimming pool refurbishment
●  Mosaic tile design and installation
●  Chemical dosing control systems
●  Swimming pool control panels
We Specialize in