WAVES Pools & Landscaping (L.L.C.) is a successful company in UAE; it is involved multi-discipline Residential & civil engineering project. The company has wide & varied client base from blue chip private sector & local authorities. We have extensive experience in various projects including Swimming Pools, Water Features, Fountain & landscaping. We are dedicated to superior workmanship and adhere strictly to our budget, schedule and service commitments. Our goal is to build the most expertly designed structure as economically as possible.

WAVES Pools & Landscaping (L.L.C.) has a history of commitment & co-operation with their client. By working together & maintenance client relationship we have developed a reputation for delivering successful projects, which has generated a large amount of repeat business.

We design and build Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi, Water Features, Fountains, Pergolas, Gazebos, Saunas & stream room with a team of dedicated staff, engineers & skilled workers. Additionally, we provide a range of essential services including Swimming Pools maintenance services.

Swimming Pool an affordable solution to home entertainment with your family after a hectic & stressful day.

We are very proud that our name is synonymous with creative and technical excellence in every phase of superb Gunite Pool, Water Feature, Landscaping& Maintenance of pool.

We believe in creating pool compounds that reflect your achievements - while being expertly and technically crafted to last a millennium.

Through innovation, technology, growth & enterprise, our companywill continue to set highest standard in the swimming pool industry for quality, service & professionalism.

We design and build soft & hard landscaping services including Installation & maintenance services for a wide scope of projects from residential to commercial landscape. Our services include landscape design & installation with sprinkler systems, planting trees, shrubs etc.

● It is the desire of every swimmer to have access to a sparkling, clean and well-maintained pool. But achieving this in practice can be a difficult task. This is where we come in, with an entire team of technicians, trouble-shooters, chemists and support staff. We are all set to take care of your pool on a contract basis, so you can spend more time enjoying it.

● We, at WAVESPools & Landscaping L.L.C. also offer unbeatable Swimming Pool Maintenance Services on an AMC. We ensure the pool water is maintained to international standard with the pH & Chlorine level controlled within acceptable limits. Apart from pool water treatment, maintenance and water cleaning, we also supply chlorine and necessary acid/ alkali for maintaining the pH of the water. Our company ensures that water is free of floating or settled particles by removing them through suction sweeping. These services are reliable and available at very reasonable cost.

● WATER CHEMISTRY: Water, by itself, is rarely free of harsh minerals and various invaders (such as bacteria, living organisms, ammonia, and other contaminates). Some minerals and various invaders will be evident in the tap water that is used to fill your pool, as well as from certain environmental factors, while others result from poor water chemistry. The majority of these minerals and all of these invaders must be eliminated from your pool. Certain chemicals will have to be added to your pool in order to combat the undesired effects of these minerals and various invaders. This process of adding chemicals is known as "achieving Water Chemistry", or "balancing the water." In order to combat minerals found in water, pool owners must know how to test for and adjust the pH, the Alkalinity, and the Hardness levels of the water. In order to combat bacteria, living organisms, ammonia, and other contaminates (such as dirt, debris, or algae spores) found in water, you must know how to test for and adjust chlorine (or its alternative) levels in order to sanitize, disinfect, and oxidize the water. Regular shocking is also necessary to achieve water chemistry. Once water chemistry is achieved, though, it can be lost within 24 hours. Therefore, maintaining water chemistry requires constant monitoring, testing, and chemical additions. The chlorine (or its alternative) levels, as well as pH and Alkalinity, must be tested regularly by the pool owner.

You can complete confidence in our ability to undertake & complete each project to your satisfactions.

Quality, integrity and honesty set WAVES Pools & Landscaping (L.L.C.) Company apart from other commercial builders.